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  • We organized the Alternative Muscle Club 2017 Meeting in San Diego.
    The Alternative Muscle Club meeting is aimed at scientists early in their research careers. It provides an opportunity for young investigators in the academic, industry and medical sectors to present their work, build connections, and help learn about projects from other research laboratories and organizations. The meeting features also young investigator awards, poster awards and the 'Jean Hanson Award for Diversity in Science'. More at http://amclub.us/.

Featured Work

  • We published a manuscript describing how the muscle specific proteins MLP and CARP are linked to chronic PKCα signaling, and contribute to the development of dilated cardiomyopathy.
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About the Lab

We investigate muscle development, signaling and maintenance, by studying the biological role of sarcomeric and muscle associated proteins. We are particularly interested to decipher molecular mechanisms that play a role in the development of cardiac and skeletal muscle myopathies.

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Our laboratory is Green Lab Certified. We aim to do sustainable research to preserve the planets resources.

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