Timeline of Past News


  • April 2021: We have a new collaborative manuscript describing the structure of titin Ig81-83 availabe at the Journal of General Physiology.
  • titin Ig81-83 structure
  • March 2021: Discover our new manuscript that explores obscurin and SPEG kinase biology. The open access article is published here. Another paper with a fantastic team of collaborators- Dr. Fleming at the University of Konstanz and the Borgeson lab at the University of Gothenburg.
  • Exploring obscurin and SPEG kinase biology
  • February 2021: New manuscript on Ankrd1/Carp1 binding to titin N2a and filamentous actin; published in the Journal of Molecular Biology. Great collaborative effort with the labs of Olga Mayans, Wolfgang Linke, Michael Kovermann, Belinda Bullard, Ju Chen and Emma Borgeson.
  • Ankrd1/titin/F-actin binding interface


  • October 2020: Read our new review on the role of cullin-RING ligases for the development and function of cross-striated muscles. The open access article is published here.
  • Cullin-Review article
  • September 2020: We presented data on the role of obscurin proteins for cardiac health at a symposium in Bern, Switzerland.
  • September 2020: We attended the virtual Keystone Symposium on Proteomics in Cell Biology and Disease. We featured our work on cardiac phospho-proteomics and its role in the development of dilated cardiomyopathy.
  • July 2020: Our work combatting Dilated Cardiomyopathy is featured in the Saltman Quarterly.
  • Saltman Article
  • March-June 2020: Keeping the lab going in times of social distancing.
  • Zoom Meeting
  • October 2019: New collaborative manuscript: 'Comparative analysis of obesity-related cardiometabolic and renal biomarkers in human plasma and serum' was just published at Scientific Reports. The full manuscript can be found here.
  • Scientific Reports MS 2019
  • January 2020: We are grateful to have received major funding from the Muscular Dystrophy Association to organize the 2020 AMC Meeting.
    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we were unfortunately forced to cancel the meeting.
  • MDA